About us

About us

To stay ahead of the competition in a globalizing economy, businesses must be lean and mean. Changing market conditions require customer oriented operations, which allow fast changes of direction. Considerable gains can still be achieved by many companies in this area. Agilitec offers ICT solutions that deliver an important, if not decisive contribution.


Flexible production without huge costs. Taking advantage of changing market demand more quickly, not only with regards to product and price but also service. Being able to produce tomorrow what the customer asks for the day after. That is business agility, the capacity as an organization to adapt quickly. Agilitec has the resources for this.


At Agilitec you encounter one point of contact for the product as well as the implementation and, if necessary, consultancy. Practical experience during the implementation of our products flows straight back into the development of the product. A continuous improvement process that has led to our customers labelling our solutions as the best of breed.


The knowledge of the entire chain means no messing about for you with several suppliers who contradict each other and shirk their responsibility. Along with the personal involvement and service many customers find the complete and reliable service a breath of fresh air. Agilitec is an experienced discussion partner at a strategic and operational level.


A well-oiled organisation
The production industry today is burdened by shorter delivery times, an increasing number of constantly small production orders and increasing pressure on production costs. This has resulted in recent years to an increased level of automation resulting in the failure or incorrect functioning of machines has become one of the main cost drivers. A lot can still be gained here because the OEE (ratio of actual output / theoretical output possible) is in many cases < 50%!


Warehouse management
Our warehouse management system (3PLTeam) helps to manage the inventory completely paperless. 3PLTeam is as a cloud solution but can easily be installed locally as well.


Close contact with your customer
Can you manage customer satisfaction? Certainly the structure behind it. The in-house developed Customer Feedback Management system (Agilitec CFM) makes customers visible; it accelerates and improves the handling of complaints, reports and/or comments. All input, also internal, that can lead to higher customer satisfaction is inventoried, channelled and processed faster. Perfect, if you consider that customer satisfaction is the most important distinguishing capacity.


Source code management
Searching for the cause or solving disruptions in the software is required for the vast majority of modern installations. Our source code management solution specifically for the version management of software for control installations such as: PLC/SCADA/Robots/Frequency controllers offers the perfect solution here.


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